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Foshan Liyoung Furniture Co., Ltd.
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Sản Phẩm chính: Đồ gỗ ngoài trời/nội thất sân vườn/đồ nội thất mây/vườn Set/vườn sofa
Thứ tự xếp hạng6 bán chạy nhất trong Giường xếp để tắm nắngGlobal export expertiseDesign-based customizationTotal floorspace (3,472㎡)Years in industry(1)
This supplier has been verified onsite by world-leading inspection company,
SGS Group
Xác minh tại chỗ bởi hàng đầu thế giới kiểm tra công ty, SGS Group

● Hilton Gdansk, JW MARRIOTT, Shangri-la and 200+ five star hotel outdoor furniture projects and over 150 countries cooperation manufactuer.

● Our designer team can offer 3 scheme for your reference and choose.

● Can deliver on time 10 projects ability in one month.

● 90% passing rate for hundred grid testing.   

● AQL 2.0 standard to provide quality assurance.

● 100% defect product will be refund, incl. freight and tax.

● Delay penalty agreement is accepted.

● Customized solution for product eg. color, material, LOGO, accessories and packing.